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Premium Examples For A $100,000

If you own a home in a community that participates in the National Flood Insurance Program, you are eligible for flood insurance. Nearly 19,000 communities participate, so its likely that your community does participate.

There are many factors that affect the price you'll pay for flood insurance. The higher your flood risk, the higher the premium. If you purchase $100,000 in building coverage for your home, your annual premium will vary depending on the area in which you live.

  • If the property is located near the ocean and therefore subject to storm surge and hurricane damage, your building is most likely in a V Zone. Premiums is V zones can be more than $1,000 annually because your home is in the highest risk area.
  • If the property is located near a river, lake or stream, your building is probably in an A zone. Premiums in A zones can be about $595 annually because of the high potential for flooding.
  • If the property is located in a low-risk area, referred to as B, C, X or A99 zones, your premium could be as low as $306 annually using standard rates. You may also be able to get the Preferred Risk Policy. Below are annual premiums for $100,000 of flood insurance coverage for a residential single family home:
Pre or Post-FIRM Zone Other Rating Factors Premium
Pre-FIRM*** Zone V1-30,VE No Enclosure $750.00****
    With Enclosure $1,165.00
Post-FIRM*** Zone V1-30,VE At BFE* $ 696.00
  Built between
1 Foot below BFE $ 2,151.00
Pre-FIRM Zone A1-30, AE No Basement $ 595.00
    With Basement $ 700.00
Post-FIRM Zone A1-30, AE At BFE $ 376.00
    1 Foot above BFE $ 271.00
    1 Foot below BFE $ 1,061.00
Pre-FIRM Zone AO, AH With Certification** $ 201.00
    Without Certification $ 585.00
Pre/Post-FIRM Zone B, C, X, A99 No Basement $ 306.00
    With Basement $ 391.00

*BFE-Base Flood Elevation found on Flood Insurance Rate Map
**Certification is determined by an Elevation Certificate completed by a licensed engineer, surveyor or architect
***Pre/Post FIRM is determined by the date of the initial Flood Insurance Rate Map
****Premium values are based on total written premium plus Expense Constant, Federal Policy Fee and Increased Cost of Compliance premium. Effective date: May 1, 1998

Flood Insurance
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Flood Insurance
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